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Student Group


The PR and Marketing Center had launched the Student Group six years ago.
Their main role is to help at the university’s several events, while getting some practical experience in their chosen profession.

Apart from getting practical knowledge to complete their theoretical studies, members of the Student Group can complete their mandatory professional experiences needed to get their diploma.

Roles in the Student Group are:

  • Event organization
  • Editing the university’s magazine or the app
  • Photo and video documentation

(You can find more on these below.)

Why should you join the Student Group?

  • Because you can complete your theoretical studies
  • You can get useful practical experience
  • It will look good on your CV
  • The mandatory professional experience can be completed
  • You can get a scholarship even if you are not state-subsidized
  • You can be part of a fun community

Roles available

Event organizer
Members of the Student Group can get a first-hand experience in how to organize any kind of event from the very first step to the last one. The practical skills learned here will probably come handy in the future and will definitely look good on your CV.

Members of the Student Group can get a taste of the journalist profession, since they will always have the opportunity to publish their articles in the university’s magazine or the app.
If you have a good pen, don’t hesitate, we need you in our team! It’s a truly wonderful feeling to see your work printed out in thousands of copies. Of course, as in everything, you can always ask for help from experienced professionals.

Photo and video documentation
If you have a good eye, and would like to try yourself out in the field of photography, we would love to have you on our team. As the saying goes: “A camera is a save button for the mind’s eye”.

Join us!

To join, you only need to send an application including your preferred role (event organizer, editor, photographer) to the mail address: Please make sure your photo is on your application.

If you have any further questions, we are happy to help you at the PR and Marketing Center!


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